New 2014 Chevrolet Corvette Teaser Video Implies Its Interior Will Be Decent

By Jacob Brown | December 17, 2012
There's one thing you should know about the Chevrolet Corvette's interior: It's pretty much been plasticky and cheap-feeling for the last 40 years without much variation. You don't hear too many complaints about it because the Corvette is among the best performance values in the world, but occasionally you get a quip like what Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman said in an article published today featuring one: "I have this black sweater that my wife absolutely hates. It’s old, falling apart, and has so many holes in the sleeves that I use them like built-in gloves. It’s awful but I love it. And that’s the ZR1’s interior." That's the $125,000 Corvette ZR1's interior, might we add, covered in stitched leather. And it still feels cheap. We're thinking that's about to change, though. "The exterior excites you, it draws you in," says Ryan Vaughan, the manager of performance car interior design at GM. "But the where you actually experience the car from. It's literally the connection we have to the car, so it has to be perfect." Longstanding, the Corvette has had interior plastics that wouldn't be out of place in a 1980s Chevy Cavalier. Its seats have been shaped for a pensioner's relaxed waistline instead of bolstered to keep you stable in a 100-mph corner. Dressing it up has often been an afterthought. Chevrolet has been releasing teaser videos for the 2014 Corvette--this latest one 42 seconds long--and will continue up to its January 13 launch at the Detroit Auto Show. What's the takeaway? If Chevy puts its money where its mouth is, teasing us with snippets of the new car's upgrades, the 2014 Corvette is destined to be a vast improvement and a radical departure from where it's been thus far.

Source: Chevrolet via YouTube