New Audi A5 Video Plays Upon Fantasy

By Matthew Askari | November 09, 2011
Real life driving isn't always fun—city traffic can be oppressive, zealous engines are often harnessed, and the brake pedal might be employed more than the gas. Stop lights and traffic laws are essential to order and safety, but they can be a nuisance as well. Every driver yearns for the open road, for fantastic scenery and the absence of everything that impedes our auto-enthusiast hearts. For its latest A5 internet spot, Audi plays upon these desires, offering the A5 range in unbound salt-beds white as virgin snow, with distant mountains the only semblance of earthly terrain. Using digital imagery and special effects, Audi creates rapidly forming obstacles that the A5 can predictably tackle, all set to cool new age futuristic music. Vague references to how the new model is sharper are made, specifically, using the word "shaper" seven times in the three and a half-minute spot, once every thirty seconds. What exactly is sharper? You can take a look, below.

Source: Audi