New Caddies for 2013-2014, Including 3 Series Competitor

By Jason Davis | July 26, 2011
Loosen the belt, Cadillac is expanding. Until recently, the luxury automaker has not had great success with its small cars (Cimarron? Catera?), and has shied away from competing directly with popular German small sedans like the BMW 3 Series. But these days Cadillac isn't afraid of anybody. Due this time next year is the 2013 ATS, an entry-level coupe and sedan Cadillac aimed straight at BMW's 3 Series. The ATS will launch in late 2012, possibly with all-wheel drive, and with either a 3.0 liter or 3.6 liter V-6, and possibly a four-cylinder engine as well. Power and mileage goals have not been released, but figure to remain close to those found in the CTS. Cadillac is also mulling a wagon and V-treatments by 2015 Also on the move at Cadillac: CTS: All-new model due in 2013.
  • All-new chassis
  • Coupe and sedan bodies
  • CTS-V to continue
  • Sedan will be longer, with more rear seat room
SRX: 2012 model gets bigger standard engine.
  • Major interior revisions due for 2013 model year
  • Rumored plug-in hybrid model scrapped
Escalade: Carryover for 2012; new model due out in 2013
  • 2013 Escalade to remain on previous model chassis
  • Styling and other technologies designed to boost fuel economy
XTS: Replaces the STS and DTS in the Cadillac lineup.
  • Premium sedan targeting young buyers traditionally looking to Germany
  • Likely will come with a plug-in hybrid drivetrain using a 3.6-liter V-6
  • Front wheel drive at first, future models may get all-wheel drive and twin-turbocharged engine
New 7-passenger crossover: Name unknown; due in 2014
  • Will share underpinnings with other large GM crossovers such as the Chevy Traverse and GMC Acadia
Rear-drive flagship: Name unknown, still in development
  • Rumors persist about this $125,000 flagship, which would compete with German heavyweights like the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Audi A8, and BMW 7 Series.
  • Sources tell Automotive News that GM is studying the idea, but that production has yet to be green-lighted.
STS and DTS: Both of these models met their end this year, to be replaced by a single model that will debut next year.'s take: It's great to see Cadillac delivering quality cars, but is this a case of too much, too soon? While we'd love an ATS-V vs. M3 shootout, we're wary of lofty small-car expectations, considering past failures. The XTS is a great looking concept, but we're not sure it competes with the Germans as a hybrid, front-driver. Lastly, would enough customers buy an up-marked, rebadged Acadia, and a six-figure Caddy? What do you think? Can Cadillac build a competent entry-level car, and would you buy a $125,000 Cadillac over an S-Class? Do we need another Crossover?
hello ya ll
hello ya ll

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