New Car Deals of the Week: 2011 Toyota Camry and 2011 Infiniti FX

By Blake Z. Rong | September 19, 2011
Time for’s New Car Deals of the Week feature. Like a game show, but for your checkbook. For discerning audiences, this week we present the 2011 Toyota Camry and 2011 Infiniti FX: one that’s been replaced and another that’s been refreshed for 2012. 2011 Toyota Camry
There’s an all-new Toyota Camry out this year. And in true Toyota tradition, it will no doubt catapult itself to the number one sales spot, flying off the metaphorical shelves even before the ink dries on the dealer flyers. Not that the old Camry was a clunker, however. With the outgoing Camry still selling over 120,000 examples in the past six months, it’s clear that the company’s sterling reputation for reliability has survived the unintended acceleration recalls largely intact.
Which is good news for you, Mr. Bargain Hunter. It’s not difficult to get a 2011 Camry for at least $2000 off the sticker price for a four-cylinder model, information suggests. Drivers looking for mighty V-6 firepower will also benefit from Toyota’s current incentives, which include 0 percent financing for 60 months plus $500-$1000. Whatever you get, expect milquetoast yet comfortable motoring. 2011 Infiniti FX The Infiniti FX gets a facelift for 2012, expanding on Infiniti’s trademark bulging fish-like grille that first debuted on the Infiniti M. If you’re not a fan of the redesign, then the current model is a luxurious, sporty buy with enough power to feel like a sports car, and enough room to remember it isn’t. The FX35 features Nissan’s legendary VQ engine, which has served in everything from the 370Z to the Pathfinder—an engine perennially lauded for its smoothness and linear power delivery. In this application, the 3.5-liter V-6 is good for303 horsepower from a 3.5-liter V-6, as well as available all-wheel drive. FX50 models get a 5.0-liter V-8 that produces a not-insignificant 390 horsepower and standard all-wheel drive to rein it in. Rather unsurprisingly, the FX50 can hit 0-60 mph in just 5.2 seconds, according to Motor Trend. Those looking for deals can pick up an FX35 for around $3000 off the sticker price, according to For the “big-block” FX50, expect to pay about $53,000, depending on your area, with prices as low as $50,300 near us—or more than $8000 off the sticker price.
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