New Chevy Colorado, GMC Canyon on Way?

By Automotive Staff | July 01, 2010
Images of what may be the next Chevy Colorado have been circling around the autosphere. Per the images, the regular cab truck is completely lacking in details but could, more importantly, lay the groundwork for a fresh new offering in the U.S. small truck scene. Unfortunately, the patent filings also list the vehicle's residency as Brazil -- unsurprising, as GM once designated its Brazilian engineering staff as the lead design team for small trucks, but it may indicate the vehicle won't be sold in North America. Late in May, we reported that General Motors was rumored to be working on a new small truck that would truly be compact, rather than what is currently offered in the form of the midsize Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon. Should a small truck venture come to fruition, the unnamed Chevrolet would be closer in size to the old S-10 and GMC Sonoma combo last available nearly 10 years ago. Our take? What do you think of this future Colorado / GMC Canyon? Personally, we think the age of small trucks is coming to an end (ala not profitable) in the U.S. Maybe we're wrong, though. Let us know through your comments below.
Source: GM Inside News courtesy of Automobile Magazine
aaron gannon
aaron gannon

honestly i love smaller trucks there great on gas and can do anythang a full size truck can do if not better. i have a 95 gmc sonoma thow it has a little rust here and there i wouldnt trade it for the world. my brother and dad has an s10 and they feel the same way. we are mad at the fact gm dont make s10 or sonoma anymore and really wish they would. bottom line keep making small trucks the way gas prices are sky rocketing people are starting to get rid of ther full size gas hogs. me personaly i thank u should bring back the s10 and sonoma.