New Chinese Car Company to Debut at Geneva Auto Show

By Jason Davis | November 07, 2012
Early next year at the Shanghai Auto Show, Qoros will unveil a new and entirely original, upscale, compact sedan for the European and Chinese automotive markets. It will be the Chinese automaker’s first offering. Forgive us for glossing over the details. The brand, and its business model, will have nothing at all to do with North America. Qoros, like chorus, and porous, bore us, and amorphous, plans to greet the automotive press for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2013, roughly six- to nine-months before selling its first as-yet unnamed car. Little is known of the startup except for the names of its backers and design teams. In a press release today, the soon-to-be manufacturer said it aims to reach young, metropolitan, professional audiences intolerant of inferior quality, and who appreciate elegant design. As far as I am aware, this blog post has not been contracted to appear in The Onion, and in every practical sense, Qoros is a real company. "We are a new company without any legacy or previous history, which gives us a great advantage because we are starting from scratch with a clean sheet of paper," said Qoros Vice-Chairman Volker Steinwascher. "By recruiting experts in all the essential fields of our operation, we can create a globally competitive product and service network that is designed to fit the lifestyles of modern metropolitan customers." Qoros promises a "unique" platform architecture that is suitable to rapid rollout "on a range of models," including the introduction of hybrid and electrical vehicles from its brand new, highly efficient production facility capable of 150,000 units annually. If it is so lucky, Qoros said its production facility could accommodate up to 450,000 units annually. "We have integrated the best of both worlds in a unique business model, one which sets a benchmark for the international auto industry, especially in China," said Steinwascher. "We have 100 percent control and ownership of our brand, our design and the use of technologies, without having to make compromises." To which we reply, "very well, then." Best of luck. Source: Qoros Auto
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