New Die Hard Movie Essentially a Really, Really Long Mercedes-Benz Ad

By Matthew Askari | January 25, 2013
Product placement might be annoying, but it's become a necessary evil that producers can't say no to. Everywhere you look, conspicuous--and sometimes not so conspicuous--ads are vying for a slice of recognition and association. Like the large, prominently displayed Coca-Cola cups on American Idol, or Apple's omnipresence throughout the Sex and the City franchise, product placement has become a part of our media. Mercedes-Benz, perhaps looking to top automakers like Aston Martin or Mini--ones that have prominently featured vehicles in films like Skyfall and The Italian Job, respectively--will feature 14 different models in the latest installment of the Die Hard series, "A Good Day to Die Hard."
The newest Die Hard starring Bruce Willis takes place in Moscow, and doubtless there will be several worthy car chase scenes to liven the action. Mercedes-Benz says four of its vehicles will play a "key role," including the G-Class, Sprinter van, Unimog commercial truck, and Zetros. Others, such as the C-Class, E-Class, and G 63 AMG will make appearances. Anders Stunt Jensen, head of brand communication Mercedes-Benz cars, said "Mercedes-Benz vehicles stand for safety, performance, and distinctive design. And they are at home in all major European cities. This suits them perfectly and completely authentically to the screenplay." And with fourteen of them in A Good Day to Die Hard, be prepared for a whole lot of safety, performance, and distinctive design.

Source: Mercedes-Benz