New General Motors goes HGTV in remodeling Dealerships

By Automotive Staff | January 07, 2010
Looks like General Motors, to show its brand new image, is doing some remodeling. The automaker wants the buying public to understand something. The Old General Motors is dead. There is a NEW General Motors. One way that it can convey that is to remodel its existing network of dealerships. the company has offered to reimburse dealers for the cost of the work, which revamp dealerships’ exterior entryways and reception areas. Also GM will also pay for the addition of Wi-Fi Internet access as a special feature for customers who have to wait at the shop for their car to be serviced. General Motors expects that the dealership remodeling will be complete in about three years. Of course, there are strings attached. General Motors wants dealerships who also carry a brand other than GM to separate it into a different showroom. Moreover, GM cautioned that it will take five to 10 years for it to reimburse stores for the cost of the work.
via Automobile Magazine