New interest in HUMMER has General Motors extend closing deadline to May 1st

By Automotive Staff | March 08, 2010
General Motors has been caught up in some dramatic sales of brands during the last year or so. It looked like the Saab deal was dead, and then Spyker came through and acquired the brand. It appeared that the Penske Group was going to purchase Saturn, but that deal died and now Saturn is being killed. There was the Opel ordeal in which GM was going to sell the German company to Magna International and a Russian bank and then it decided to keep the company after all. Hummer appeared to be sold to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machines of China but the Chinese government nixed the deal. Well, things may not be lost for Hummer after all. Per the Motor Authority, it appears that there are several companies interested in buying the brand. Thus, GM says that it is extending a sales deadline to May 1 to see if it can make a deal. If Hummer is not sold, then GM will follow the same procedure with it as it did with Saturn and Pontiac and close the brand. It will continue to honor warranties as well as supply service support and spare parts.