New iPhone App Looks Up Vehicle Recalls Instantly

By Blake Z. Rong | October 18, 2012
CARbonga SRI might be a strange name for an app, but it does a very useful thing: anyone with a smartphone can look up vehicle recalls and service bulletins for any car on the road (that's newer than 1996; anything older just means you're asking for it). Its developers are targeting those buying used cars, giving them the ability to see whether a used car has already had its technical service bulletins covered, or if there are any hidden ones that sellers don't know about. Technical service bulletins are introduced to mechanics with little public fanfare, and it's up to the understanding between mechanic and owner to ensure that a car gets any necessary repairs done. The app simply correlates all the TSBs from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, sorted by year, make, and model. CARbonga can also send live notifications whenever a new TSB for a car is introduced, or if a recall is currently issued for it.
Available for the iPhone, iPad, and various Apple products, the app costs $2. Android owners can look for it on their phones in October. Source: CARbonga