New Lexus Concept to Have an Interior Too, Says Lexus

By Matthew Askari | December 19, 2011
Luxury Japanese automaker Lexus has made many a fine vehicle over the years. Though not exactly the embodiment of avant garde, the company has developed a reputation for quality, reliability, and solid construction. Looking to add some punch to the Lexus nameplate, the company has made a potentially exciting concept, and is "teasing" us with an image of its gaudy interior, all in anticipation of its official debut at the North American International Auto Show next month in Detroit. The photo shows us a slung-back seat that would never fly under current regulations, a cabin generously overflowing with leather, stitching, rich wood and brushed aluminum accents, all with a modern, kitschy interpretation. Last week, we found out that the car would have headlights and tires. We like Lexus experimenting with its concepts, and wish it would be more daring with its production models, too. Source: Lexus