New Mazda6? Mazda Takeri Concept to Debut in Tokyo

By Matthew Askari | October 27, 2011
Lights, camera, Takeri midsize sedan! The newest concept from Mazda, the Takeri, is primed for its world debut at the Tokyo auto show next month, but is it the new Mazda6? Much like our founding fathers said, we hold these truths to be self-evident: The Mazda6 is due to be redesigned and released soon, possibly at the end of next year; the Takeri Concept is a four-door midsize sedan, same as the Mazda6; Mazda likes the word "motion," as the new concept reflects the automaker's "KODO," or Soul of Motion, design language, which also corresponds with the automaker's "emotion of motion" theme for the Tokyo Motor Show. Mazda says by 2015 all of its cars will feature the new airy and futuristic sounding Skyactiv Technology, which the current Mazda6 does not, but the Takeri does. This leads us to conclude that the sleek, sculpted Takeri Concept is likely a precursor to what we'll see badged as the next Mazda6. In addition to sounding cool, the Skyactiv Technology includes regenerative braking, technology most often seen on hybrid vehicles. Mazda says it will use capacitors (flux?) instead of batteries, which it believes are more efficient as they charge more quickly and will last longer. The capacitors will use stored kinetic energy from the car collected while braking, using it to power the electrical components of the vehicle, requiring less gas and engine power to do so. This makes for a more efficient vehicle.
Mazda's Skyactiv Technology will also include start-stop technology, engine, transmission, and chassis modifications, all with the goal of making a more efficient car. Mazda will also give buyers a gasoline or diesel powered option on the next generation of its midsize sedan. We hope the new Mazda6 looks as close to the Takeri as possible, as we've very quickly become fans. Source: Mazda