New Side Head Airbag Continues 120 Years Of Innovation

By Automotive Staff | July 16, 2009
French carmaker Peugeot, which claims to be the oldest car manufacturer in the world, has recently introduced the first side head airbag.The side head airbag is located in the head restraints of one-piece seats in the new 308 CC. Already the 308 CC includes a side chest/pelvis airbag. Peugeot says that the combination of airbags gives total protection to all vital parts of the body. The side head airbag will be featured in all of the carmaker's models. Peugeot touts it is one of many innovations introduced through the years. Other innovations include the first coupe cabriolet in 1934, complete with an electrically retractable steel roof; and the world’s first particulate filter for diesels along with HDi diesel technology.
via The AutoChannel