Supercar Sunday: New Supercar Being Built, Aston Martin?

By Matthew Askari | October 20, 2013
Aston Martin hasn't officially said anything yet, but U.K.-based motorsport and technology company Prodrive is saying it has received a 15 million pound ($24 million) order for supercar composite bodies and parts. Why does this matter? Because Prodrive has been an essential force behind Aston Martin Racing. The record order is so large that Prodrive is increasing its staff by an additional 40 people to help fill the order.
"The combination of component complexity, size, and finish means there are only a handful of companies globally that could deliver the high-precision and superb surface finish required by the highly demanding vehicle manufacturer," explained Prodrive Composites managing director, Dominic Cartwright, in a statement. While any automaker building a supercar could be reasonably demanding, it's the next part of what Cartwright said that makes us think that it's Aston Martin that is building the new supercar:
"Our long term relationship with this customer and successful track record of high component quality, technical support, and reliable delivery timing on previous programs led to our selection as a key technology partner."
Prodrive says the order is intended for a few hundred units, and it appears the "uniquely tactile surface" means we can expect the new potential Aston to be weened on a healthy dose of carbon fiber. Previously, Aston Martin contracted with Canada's Multimatic company to build its carbon fiber chassis components in the $1.8 million One-77 supercar (pictured above). Its body panels were made of aluminum. We'll be following up with Aston Martin for any word of a new limited edition model or planned supercar and report back as we learn more. Source: Prodrive