News of the Carpocalypse: A Ferrari Hybrid is Really Happening

By Jason Davis | April 24, 2012
In yet another sign of the coming CAFE-inspired carpocalypse, Ferrari is moving beyond the experimental phase on its new HY-KERS, a hybrid electric two-motor power plant with kinetic energy recovery system for its next megasupercar, the F12berlinetta. The F12berlinetta with HY-KERS—which as the name implies, comes with a traditional Ferrari V-12—promises to be the most powerful and cleanest vehicle the famed Italian automaker has ever built. Though power figures have not been released for the exceptionally-balanced, mid-engine, rear-wheel drive layout, Ferrari expects to achieve a 40-percent reduction in CO2 emissions. Unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show, Ferrari says the F12berlinetta will rocket to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds, and with advanced aerodynamics engineering and construction passed down from Ferrari's F1 experience, the Enzo-successor will be equally capable with the brakes and in corners.
With two hybrid motors and KERS, the F12berlinetta achieves continuous power delivery between the electric motors and gasoline engine. And while braking, the electric motors act as a generator, using the kinetic energy from the negative torque to recharge the batteries. This happens seamlessly, thanks to the engine's computer, which borrows heavily from F1 technology. A production date and numbers and price have not yet been released by Ferrari, but with the development phase of the HY-KERS likely starting in a few months, the F12berlinetta won't see the open road for at least a couple years. Source: Ferrari