Next Apple iOS to Fully Integrate Siri into Car Infotainment System

By Jacob Brown | June 11, 2013
At its World Wide Developer's Conference, Apple's brouhaha of technological innovation, the software company introduced its next version of its iOS platform that will be faster, more powerful, and have many more features. Among the computers Apple will be serving are the ones running your infotainment system in your car. Apple's Siri voice command software will continue on, but the next-gen system won't sound so robotic. And hopefully, unlike Siri currently, it won't be awful. By Siri has already become part of the driving experience as part of Siri Eyes Free in some cars, and it will spread into more cars as infotainment systems add Apple-compatible apps. The big news, however, is that Siri will include a new feature called Siri iOS In the Car, which will be able to bring up maps, messages, and songs on your car's infotainment screen, all through voice command. Basically, your car will be a blank canvas, and your phone will be the colors that fill it. Apple says that 95 percent of cars with infotainment systems made today are compatible with iPhones and the like. Pretty soon, your car will be running off your phone, able to do just about anything your old, expensive in-dash infotainment system could do, but with the added bonus of quick technology updates that won't require you to purchase a whole new vehicle.
Perhaps with how quickly technology is progressing, this is the best solution to solve how to make cars feel less dated after years on the market. If you want your car's interface to run more smoothly, just update your phone. Simple as that. Source: TUAW