Next Audi Quattro Coupe to be Like Range Rover Evoque?

By Matthew Askari | October 08, 2012
Audi is busy at the 2012 Paris Motor Show--currently underway--unveiling a vision of what the automaker's crossover future could look like, but it seems that vision may already be changing shape. According to a report in the UK's Car, Audi is forgoing a production model of the Quattro Coupe Concept. Instead, the next Q-model will be more of a car-like crossover. But it appears Audi will be using the Crosslane Coupe Concept (pictured above and in the gallery below), as the basis for its next Q model. The new Q will be more car-like, and not as high-riding as the Audi Q5. This emergence of a new Q model falls in line with news we reported a few months ago, of Audi's desire to expand the Q range. The new, lower crossover is said to be something like the Range Rover Evoque. If we can count on anything coming out of Audi's Ingolstadt headquarters, it's that there will be more, constantly changing developments. Source: CAR