Next Chrysler 200 to Get Full Redesign, Signal Future Language

By Matthew Askari | January 18, 2013
The Chrysler 200 is the automaker's midsize sedan, but it may not be that way for long. According to a report in Ward's Auto, Ralph Gilles, president and CEO of SRT and senior vice-president of design for Chrysler, said the 2014 Chrysler 200 will "share no surface language with any previous Chrysler we've ever seen."
Chrysler has seen lackluster sales of the 200, as its bland styling, inefficient transmission, and older media system all are in need of an update. We recently spent some time in a 2013 Chrysler 200 Convertible Limited, and were struck by how slow the automatic soft-top took to fully open or close. Cargo room was also very limited. And with domestic competitors such as Ford introducing the new and well-received Fusion, Chrysler will be under significant pressure to deliver.
"The current Chryslers on the road today certainly don't reflect where we're headed," Gilles said, adding "what I can safely say is we are deviating from where we are today, completely." Gilles also said the Dodge Challenger would undergo changes, and the Dodge Avenger--which is based on the same architecture as the Chrysler 200--will be discontinued and replaced; both sedans have floated along the bottom of the midsize pool. We've liked the newest vehicles we've seen from Chrysler, but the current 200 is among the worst cars we've driven this year. We're looking forward to seeing how the 2014 Chrysler 200 will take shape.
Source: Wards Auto