Next-Gen BMW M3 Details Emerging, Engine Confirmed

By Matthew Askari | May 22, 2012
The next generation of the popular BMW M3 sports coupe isn't expected to launch until late next year at the earliest, but we're already getting some key details that help give us an idea of what the new M3 might look like. According to a recent report, BMW has already confirmed that the next M3 will have an inline six-cylinder engine, and not a V-6 as had been rumored; the 2012 BMW M3 employs a V-8. It's possible that BMW could implement a twin-turbo engine, but there's also a possibility of three turbos, or even the use of an electric turbo, a technology which BMW is patenting, and one that is supposed to create more power and less lag. While the 2012 BMW M3 produces 414-hp, the next-gen M3 could surpass that despite opting for six-cylinders over eight. In line with industry trends, we can expect the newer M3 to be lighter than BMW's current model, which should make it faster, and more efficient. The M3 is widely considered to be one of the most practical enthusiast cars, as it offers exceptional track capability and performance, but also real-world usability such as a rear-seating and cargo room.  The next generation BMW M3 could offer a similar six-speed manual transmission standard, and the seven-speed dual clutch transmission with paddle-shifters, the same as the 2012 model. Source: F30post