Next-Generation C7 Chevrolet Corvette Spied

By Keith Buglewicz | January 19, 2012
Allow us to explain the high-pitched squeals of delight you just heard from your otherwise manly officemates: Spy photos of the next-generation Chevrolet Corvette have broken out, and even though there's really not a lot to see, this officially starts the drip-drip-drip of information we'll have about the next Vette until its official reveal sometime next year. And when we say there's not much to see, we mean it. The photos themselves are of an obviously low-slung sports car draped in black canvas against a snowy, featureless background. What little bodywork can actually be seen is covered in edge-obscuring black and white swirls.The only sure way of telling it's even a Corvette are the signature round taillights and the cluster of four tailpipes centered below the rear bumper. What we can't see is whether Chevrolet has finally invested serious money into updating the Corvette's interior quality, which for years has lagged far behind the car's price tag. What we can tell from the photos is that two of the wilder rumors about the seventh-generation "C7" Corvette can be put to rest. It's obvious from the photos that the Corvette will keep its engine in the front, and not put it behind the seats in a mid-engine configuration, as had been speculated by some. Also, it looks as though the rear hatch will be a single piece of glass, and not a throwback to the split-rear window of the 1963 Corvette, as some had hoped. The Corvette is one of Chevrolet's longest living nameplates, and to celebrate Chevy will unveil a 60th Anniversary Edition for the 2013 model year; with the 505-horsepower V-8 from the Z06 Corvette, it will be the most powerful Corvette convertible ever made. For the full compliment of photos, check out the gallery over at our sister publication Motor Trend. Source: Motor Trend
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