NHTSA, GM keep Children Strapped in During Child Passenger Safety Week

By Joel Arellano | September 17, 2012
It's Child Passenger Safety Week. Do you know how to keep your children safe in your car? If you do, well, good for you. 90 percent of parents and/or other caretakers are "confident" or felt "very confident" that they had properly installed their child's car seat. Yet according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, around 20 percent of those surveyed didn't read the seat instructions. Says David Strickland, administrator of the NHTSA. "Child safety seats save hundreds of young lives every year, but proper use is vital. That's why we're urging everyone to make sure their kids are properly protected on every trip, every time." The NHTSA, in a recent survey, has discovered five major mistakes made by parents and care takers when installing child car seats and boosters. They include:
  1. Using the wrong harness slot.
  2. Chest clip is in the wrong position (i.e., over the child's stomach).
  3. Loose straps.
  4. Loose harness
  5. Seat belt is in the wrong position.
We would add the following:
  • Using the wrong child car seat, booster seat
  • Taking the children out of the child seat too early. The NHTSA recommends children stay in car seats until 13 years old.
The NHTSA has made a checklist available to parents make sure their children and properly strapped in.
Automaker General Motors is doing its part during Child Passenger Safety Week. GM is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Buckle Up program. With partner Safe Kids Worldwide, certified child seat experts have inspected over 1.5 million child car seats and boosters during almost 80,000 car seat checks. The Safe Kids Buckle Up program has donated over 550,000 child seats to at-risk families. In total, over 20 million people have been educated -- or at least made aware -- of the program by GM, the GM Foundation, and Safe Kids. Says Safe Kids CEO and President Kate Carr, "There is no doubt that countless child fatalities and injuries have been prevented as a result of this partnership and the GM Foundation's long-term dedication to it." Child Passenger Safety Week began on Sunday, September 16 and ends on Saturday, September 22 on National Seat Check Saturday. Source: NHTSA, General Motors
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