NHTSA Investigates 2006-2008 Hyundai Sonata for Rusted Suspension Frames

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is investigating reports of rusted rear suspension frames in Hyundai Sonatas from model years 2006 to 2008. Last week, the NHTSA launched a preliminary evaluation, determining whether or not a recall for around 393,000 vehicles is necessary. The NHTSA has received six complaints about the rusting that has led to control arm failures, which connect the wheels to the frame of the car. Three of the six events occurred on the highway; however, none resulted in injury or death. In two out of the six cases, the electronic stability control system was activated. When conducting an investigation, the NHTSA starts with a preliminary evaluation, and when finished with that, either closes the inquiry or issues an engineering analysis. With the results of the next analysis, a recall is announced or the inquiry is closed with no further action. Hyundai is working with the NHTSA to ensure the safety of their customers. Source: Automotive News
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