UPDATE: NHTSA Investigating Possible Runaway Ford Taurus Sedans

By Jacob Brown | March 13, 2012
With complaints mounting up against the 2005 and 2006 Ford Taurus for a sticking throttle, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has begun investing the model to see if there's a valid cause for concern. So far, 14 owners have expressed concern to the NHTSA, as their cars have at times allegedly surged past 4,000 rpm and had difficulty slowing down. The owners say it's the fault of a disconnecting cruise control cable, which is causing the throttle to stay wide open instead of deactivating the cruise control. If proven to have merit, it could affect upwards of 360,000 Ford Taurus or Mercury Sable sedans, potentially forcing Ford to recall the vehicles. Of the complaints registered, some owners have said their cars have simply been difficult to stop while others have had to put their cars in neutral or shut them off entirely to slow them to a halt. Another owner said he had placed both of his feet on the brake pedal from 70 mph to stop his 2005 Ford Taurus, smelling his brakes burning all the while. The 2005 and 2006 Ford Taurus were mechanically identical to models made from 2000 through 2007. Yet, no other model years are being investigated currently by the NHTSA. Ford has not issued any statements regarding the investigation, but Ford Global Safety spokesperson Daniel Pierce told Automotive.com the automaker is cooperating with the government agency and will make further information public as it becomes available. UPDATE: The NHTSA has expanded a probe into the operation of Ford Taurus and Mercury Sable sedans' cruise control cables for 2001 to 2005 model years, bringing the number of cars in question 1.92 million in total. It's a common practice for the agency to expand investigations to include similar vehicles, and numbers may increase more in the future based on what, if anything, is found. Sources: Detroit News, Detroit News (Update), Ford