NHTSA Investigating 725,000 Ford and Mercury Vehicles for Potential Stalling Issue

By Jacob Brown | February 26, 2013
Ford just can't catch a break these days with mass NHTSA investigations. The latest of which is now for the 2009 through 2011 Ford Escape and Fusion and Mercury Mariner and Milan, the luxed-up versions of the same vehicles, for the potential to stall without warning. The investigation affects 725,000 vehicles that suddenly lose power. "Consumers have reported incidents of electronic throttle body failure while driving, resulting in sudden reduction of engine power," the NHTSA's Office of Defects Investigation said in a statement. During the investigation process, the NHTSA will be looking at the cars and crossovers to see if there's enough correlation with the known problems and the design of the vehicles to warrant a recall. The NHTSA reports that the ODI received 123 complaints and Ford had received 1,472 complaints. Overall, the NHTSA says 27,505 warranty claims have been made concerning the affected parts. While sizable, that's not even 4 percent of the total cars and crossovers in question. Ford is cooperating with the investigation, and if it is deemed that the electronic throttle body--the part in question--has a design flaw, the automaker will go ahead and recall the nearly three quarters of a million cars. Source: Reuters via Automotive News (Subscription required)