NHTSA Opening Investigation Into Faulty Infiniti M45 Fuel Gauges

By Trevor Dorchies | December 20, 2011
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has opened an investigation into fuel gauges in 2003-2004 Infiniti M45's. This preliminary investigation is in response to 43 reports of problems with the gauges filed to the NHTSA. While the NHTSA is only gathering facts right now an increasing amount of complaints that the gauges were inaccurately reading fuel levels spurred the investigation. Out of the 43 complaints filed with the NHTSA so far-majority of which have been logged this past year- 26 complaints stem from engines stalling after running out of fuel even while the gauge read some fuel remained. A preliminary investigation will estimate the total number of vehicles affected and the amount of times this is an issue. If the NHTSA finds enough evidence that the gauges are faulty a safety recall will be issued. Stay tuned as more events unfold. Source: NHTSA