NHTSA Opens New Investigation of Ford Escape SUV Liftgate Glass Breakage

By Automotive Staff | May 02, 2011
The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has announced it will be investigating Ford Escape and Mercury Mariners compact SUVs after receiving complaints the vehicle’s liftgate window may shatter under certain circumstances. According to the Detroit News, the federal agency has received at least 18 complaints. Ford is already aware of the issue, and issued a technical service bulletin to its dealers last November. The TSB instructs dealers to “correct the condition by replacing the liftgate window glass after closely inspecting for any signs of impact or external damage that may have caused the glass breakage. If no evidence of external damage is found, then proceed with glass replacement.” This is not the first time that the NHTSA is investigating a liftgate issue on Ford SUVs. In 2004, Ford recalled 955,000 2002-2003 Ford Explorers and Mercury Mountaineers after NHTSA opened an investigation on failing rear-glass hinges and strut braces that could cause the window to fall and break. via The Detroit News courtesy of Automobile Magazine Staff