NHTSA Upgrades Investigation of 200,000 Jeep Liberty SUVs

By Trevor Dorchies | September 20, 2011
The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is delving deeper into an investigation involving 200,000 Jeep Liberty SUVs from the 2004-2005 model years. The upgraded investigation deals with an alleged failure on either the left or right rear lower control arm that has corroded much faster than anticipated. Each of the 22 complaints filed with the NHTSA stemmed from a state that deals with ample snow and road salt. Three people also reported a loss of vehicle control with the fault being pinned on the rear lower control arm. Originally the NHTSA opened an investigation to probe 370,000 Jeep Liberty models from the 2002-2005 model years. However most of the complaints filed were from 2004 and 2005 models, leading the NHTSA to reduce the size of its investigation. Chrysler says there have been no reports of injuries or crashes, but noted to The Detroit News that as many as 95 warranty claims may be related to the issue.
Source: The Detroit News
Staci S Waszil
Staci S Waszil

I'm not sure about the control arm itself, but I had problems with the strut mount bushing that is in/on the control arm. I started losing control of my steering and had a friend, who is a certified mechanic, look at it and told me the strut mount bushing where shot and that is why I was having trouble controling my 2005 Jeep. When we started looking for the part for it we could find it nowhere. He was finally told when he called a dealership that if the strut mount bushing goes you have to replace the entire control arm because they are one piece and you cannot buy them separately. He said he had never heard of that. He was told that my jeep is a 2005 and that is the way they were made. So if others were having issues controlling there car and were told they needed a control arm, it may have been the strut mount bushing...... a 15.00 part. and yes control arms at a part store can run over 200.00, I can only imagine how much it would cost st a shop to get it done. Both sides of the front of my jeep wore out and needed replaced at the same time so you could see the high cost of having to replace them n both when the parts should've only been 30.00