Nissan Adds Altima 20th Anniversary Edition as a Birthday Present to Itself

By Jacob Brown | November 15, 2011
Ladies and gentlemen, to celebrate its the 20th anniversary of the Nissan Altima and its 3.6 million units distributed the world over, Nissan is introducing a package aptly called…the 20th Anniversary Package. We know, we’re in awe of the marketing effort to come up with such a title, too. But for $950 on top of the 2012 Nissan Altima’s base $21,170 base price, including $760 for destination and handling, it’s not a bad deal in the humble opinion of our staff. In the Altima 20th Anniversary Package, Nissan offers 16-inch aluminum wheels, fog lights, a rear spoiler, automatic headlights, a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Bluetooth connectivity, a universal garage door opener, and additional touches here and there. Nissan will take orders for cars equipped with the package beginning Nov. 18 with orders coming to dealerships the second half of the month at the earliest. But that’s not all! We’ve just tackled two paragraphs of a three-page press release. Surely, there’s more to this noble endeavor than just an options list addition. Of course there is! Nissan took time to share its Rocky-like climb to the top, fending off first-world problems like pronunciation problems with its name (yes, this is seriously in the press release). Nissan originally sold the Altima alongside the forgotten Nissan Stanza midsizer and when the changeover began to the new model, the company called it the Altima Stanza. Nissan’s done this before with the Datsun-Nissan name back in the 1980s before taking on its Japanese moniker and with the Pathfinder Armada SUV before shortening the name to simply Armada. Nissan says it was designed to battle the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry, which were the top-selling midsize sedans in 1992. We’re not Ford apologists, but a certain car called the Taurus appears to be missing from Nissan’s literature, especially since it was the best-selling car in the U.S. in 1992. That could also have something to do with the animosity those two brands have in the hotly contested minivan-to-taxi market they’re both vying for with the Nissan NV200 and Ford Transit Connect. Then Nissan talks about its ascent to where it is today with the second-best selling midsize sedan in the U.S. with its “Cure for the common sedan” campaign back in 2002. It concludes its epic press release with a quote from Nissan’s North American vice president Al Castignetti: “What’s most encouraging, of course, is that Altima still has nothing in common with the common sedan and stands out as a cut above the ordinary for people who want more style, power, comfort, and value. It’s innovation that lasts, innovation for all.” We can only imagine him yelling that into a microphone a la Rocky III from atop Nissan’s Smyrna, Tenn. headquarters around a crowd of Nissan converts. In fact, we’d pay to see that. Source: Nissan
OC Nissan
OC Nissan

Those are a lot of great features for a very reasonable price. Just the rims and the USB would be more than worth it. Congrats to Nissan to two decades of innovation and success!