Nissan adds Free Towing, Recharge to LEAF Warranty

By Automotive Staff | October 13, 2010
One of the biggest challenges electric vehicle advocates have in convincing the skeptical public "range anxiety", or your electric vehicle doesn't haven't enough charge to get to one's destination or even a charging station. Nissan, whose LEAF Ev goes on sale later this year, has launched a new program to calm consumer fears. As part of the Zero Emissions Support Program, which the company is launching in Japan first and possibly in other markets (including the U.S.) in the future, Nissan will tow any dead Leafs to the nearest dealership and charge them up. That is, so long as you subscribe to the service at 1500 Yen ($18 at current conversion rates) per month. Under the program, Nissan will cover up to 550,000 Yen ($6599) worth of emergency roadside assistance related to the batteries, including towing fees. Once at the dealership, the car will be charged for free. Subscribers will also be allowed to drop into any Nissan dealership for a free charge any time during business hours and will have access to a free 24-hour emergency operator. The service also includes free inspections every six months and a 50-percent discount on rental cars when you need a vehicle with greater range. via Automotive News (Subscription required) courtesy of Motor Trend Staff