Nissan Adds QR Codes to Window Sticker, Consumers to Shun Human Interaction

By Jason Davis | August 05, 2011
If you're shopping for a new Nissan, you may have noticed a funny new barcode-like graphic on the window sticker. This "Quick Response" code allows smartphone-wielding consumers to access virtual model information, such as features and options, images, incentives, and dealer inventory. Because talking to a salesperson or walking inside and grabbing a model brochure requires too much effort. “Nissan’s new QR code program puts important decision-making information at shoppers’ fingertips while on dealership lots, helping sales personnel make a more effective presentation, as well as providing customers with a ‘silent salesperson’ if they are shopping the lot after hours,” said Jon Brancheau, vice president, Marketing, Nissan North America, Inc.
To access the information, consumers with iPhone, Android, and Blackberry phones would "scan" the barcode using their phone's camera feature, then download the related information. Nissan is the first automaker to use the technology, so now its customers can stand in front of the vehicle they're looking at on their phones. “Initial consumer response, based on early 2012 Altima QR code availability, has been extremely encouraging, with consumers viewing multiple pages and requesting follow-up information regarding current offers and inventory,” said Brancheau. “It’s one more way Nissan helps the consumer by delivering content on their terms.”'s take: Is it a sign of the apocalypse, or is our fancy technology alienating us from human interaction at an increasingly greater pace? Are we the only ones who think it's funny you can download pictures of the car you're standing near?