Nissan Announces Recall On Sentra Models For Battery Cable

By Blake Z. Rong | December 20, 2011
This could be the most exciting thing to happen to the dated Nissan Sentra since its introduction back in 2007. Nissan is issuing a recall for 2010-2011 Sentras over a battery cable that might cause a voltage drop in the battery and prevent the car from starting. Technically speaking, the zinc coating on the terminal stud bolt is a few microns thicker than specified. But even something as simple as a bolt could lead to damaging the vehicle’s computer if the battery produces a voltage drop, and the engine may stall while in motion. Then National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says 33,803 Sentras are affected, and Nissan will replace the battery terminal and cover for free after January 23, 2012. Those with concerns can contact Nissan directly at (800) 647-7261. Source: NHTSA