Nissan Collaborates with FedEx to Test Electric NV200 Delivery Vans

By Jacob Brown | December 13, 2011
Sure, FedEx isn’t the package delivery company than invented the “no left turn” policy, but that doesn’t mean it’s not busy trying to find new ways to save on fuel like its brown rival. As a result, FedEx Express, the company’s small-van outfit, is testing out all-electric versions of the Nissan NV200 vans to see if they can stand up to the rigors of commercial vehicle duty and save the freighter some cash. The prototype vans are hitting the streets of London soon for a two-month trial period to test their real-world durability and range in a heavier package. The FedEx application follows up Nissan’s test run of electric NV200s it had implemented in 2011 for the Japan Post Service. Sharing the motor and 24-kilowatt battery pack from the 2012 Nissan Leaf, the NV200 is Nissan’s first real-world application of its all-electric technology outside the smaller, lighter Leaf.
Nissan’s vice president of light commercial vehicles, Hideto Murakami, says that electric vehicles are particularly well-suited for applications in congested cities. He also says that the cost of running an electric fleet should ease FedEx’s financial burden. “FedEx Express feedback from the evaluation process will help us tailor a future battery-powered light commercial Nissan vehicle that meets customer needs,” he said in a statement. As you’re probably well aware by now, Nissan will be selling a slightly revised NV200 in the U.S. shortly, pairing its launch around the same time as the “Taxi of Tomorrow” version. However, Nissan said it has no plans at this time to begin testing or selling an all-electric NV200 in the U.S. Source: Nissan