Nissan Gives Sneak Peek of ‘Taxi of Tomorrow’ Interior and Specs

By Jacob Brown | October 31, 2011
If you’re in New York City tomorrow through this Saturday and have a chance to go see the new Nissan NV200Taxi of Tomorrow” for yourself, go for it—especially if you’re a frequent rider. But if you don’t like standing in lines or only have a light jacket for whatever weather may fall, we’d recommend you read a little further. Released today, Nissan has given us a good chunk of facts on the future of New York’s people-hauling business. Nissan says the NV200 taxicab will feature a spacious cargo area for the belongings of up to four passengers. In addition, there will be grab-handles on each of the sliding rear doors to help passengers’ entry and exit. And the floor will be flat.
Now that we got through the boring parts, here’s what makes the NV200 taxi unique:
  • Transparent roof panel for sight-seeing
  • USB charging station for passengers’ electronic equipment
  • Passenger-controlled heating and cooled rear seats
  • Grape phenol-coated air filter to improve air quality
  • Easy to clean—yet breathable—interior seating materials
From the new picture Nissan just released, the NV200’s interior looks spacious, yet industrially rugged. According to Nissan, 600,000 people take New York taxis daily, meaning that the NV200 will have to be both if it is to hold up to the rigors of the Big Apple.
Nissan says the NV200 will come out in final taxi spec in late-2013, but the prototypes will be on display at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Broadway tomorrow through the end of the week. If that isn’t enough to get you excited, Ben Bailey from the Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab” TV trivia show is going to be there for “Ni$$an Taxi Trivia.” But if that’s not even enough incentive to check it out, we don’t know what is. Maybe you're just more of a subway person. Source: Nissan