Nissan Pauses Plans to Drive Leaf Backwards in Record Run at Goodwood

By Sam Grossman | July 06, 2011
Some people would never travel 90 mph in a car; now imagine reaching such speeds in reverse! Thanks to the way its electric motor operates, Nissan's fully electric Leaf hatchback can hit the 90 mph mark in reverse. Last weekend, the automaker wanted to take advantage of this rare automotive ability by setting a record for the fastest time for a vehicle going uphill, backward, at the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Event officials saw the record attempt in a different light. Due to the lack of testing prior to the event, officials felt the attempt was too risky and prevented Nissan from starting the run up the hill. Nissan is testing the car at Goodwood this week, and an attempt at the record next year is not out of the question. “We still want to break records with the Leaf,” said a Nissan spokesman to MSN. “The fact that it can travel at speeds up to 90 mph backwards is too good an opportunity not to exploit.”
While the Leaf must wait until next year to attempt its record-breaking run, it wasn't the only Nissan at Goodwood with a planned record-breaking attempt. Nissan is using its boldly styled small SUV, the Juke, in an attempt to become the fastest four-wheeled machine to climb the entire course using just two wheels with professional stunt driver Terry Grant. Source: MSN