Nissan, Infiniti Recall Models Power Window Issues

By Trevor Dorchies | November 18, 2011
Nissan is recalling select 370Zs and Infiniti is bringing back 1788 G37s citing power windows that are programmed incorrectly. The "auto-up" cycle's anti-pinch mechanism was improperly calibrated, meaning that anybody with a finger or arm dangling out the window when it was rolling up could get a nasty pinch before the window automatically rolled back down. While it's probably not life-threatening, it could hurt a lot. Nissan's affected units were manufactured between July 2, 2011 through August 29, 2011 while select Infiniti's that are tainted were manufactured in 2011 and 2012. If you are the owner of an affected vehicle Nissan and Infiniti dealerships will replace the switch for free. Owners of the affected vehicles will start being notified on November 28th, 2011. If you have any questions you can contact Nissan at (800) 647-7261 and Infiniti at (800) 647-7261. Source: NHTSA