Nissan Launches Leaf Taxi in New York City

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Nissan have launched a new electric vehicle taxi in celebration of Earth Day. The pilot program will put six Nissan Leaf taxis into service this spring to help show the city, the taxi industry, and the general public that zero emission vehicles can be integrated into future taxi fleets. In conjunction with the pilot project, Nissan and partners will install quick chargers to enable drivers to recharge their electric vehicles quickly during shifts. With the CHAdeMo-based DC chargers, the Nissan Leaf can charge up to 80 percent in less than 30 minutes. "Even though the taxi of tomorrow won't be on the road for another six months, we're already looking ahead to the taxi of the day after tomorrow. Nissan's proven track record with electric vehicles will put us ahead of the curve in helping us answer important questions about incorporating electric taxis into the fleet so that we can achieve the goal of a one-third electric taxi fleet by 2020," said Mayor Bloomberg in a recent interview. The Nissan Leaf is currently in its third model year and is the world's best-selling electric vehicle with over 60,000 units sold worldwide. The 2013 Nissan Leaf is now being assembled in Tennessee, and features upgrades tailored to customers. Powered by an 80 kW motor, the Leaf's energy comes from a 48-module lithium-ion battery, also assembled at the Tennessee plant. Source: Nissan