Nissan Leaf Technology Goes to Work in Electric Truck Concepts

By Jacob Brown | October 31, 2011
If you thought the Nissan Leaf was going to be the only all-electric vehicle from the Japanese automaker, think again. At this year’s Tokyo Truck Show, Nissan will display three commercial trucks powered by Leaf technology—a standard electric truck, a freezer truck, and a power supply truck that can be used to supply energy to offices in case of a power outage. The first truck, called the e-NT400 Cabstar Concept, is designed to operate in areas of Japan with emissions restrictions where conventionally powered commercial vehicles generally cannot go. Under Japan’s generally optimistic JC08 fuel economy testing, it can go 62 miles between charges. The second concept is called the Cabstar Refrigerator Concept by Li-ion Battery. The Refrigerator Concept has a specially designed high-efficiency cooling system that not only reduces the amount of piping needed to keep products on ice, but it also has the ability to keep them cool with the motor shut off. The concept also features a multi-view monitor that gives drivers a bird’s eye view of their trucks, allowing them to see the rear passenger-side corner when backing up—typically one of the most difficult angles to see.
Finally, the third concept, called the Cabstar Power Supply Truck, has a 72 kilowatt-hour battery pack, essentially three Leaf battery packs combined. Based on peak operating conditions, the Power Supply concept has enough electricity supply to operate a 20-person office for four hours. It also has programming to be able to recharge during off-peak hours late at night, and it can serve as an emergency generator in case of power outages. While the e-NT400 Cabstar concept and Cabstar Power Supply truck have no definite date of reaching production, Nissan has said that it expects the Cabstar Refrigerator Concept to reach production by spring 2012. Will the electric trucks reach the U.S. market? Nissan had no comment on the matter when contacted, but a spokesperson said to expect more electric vehicles in the future to complement the Leaf. Source: Nissan