Nissan Note's Upcoming Versa Subcompact

By Joel Arellano | July 17, 2012
Earlier this year, we posted a video where Nissan teases the viewer which vehicles would be heavily updated over the next 15 months. The vehicles include the Nissan Versa subcompact; the Nissan Pathfinder and Rogue crossovers/SUVs; Nissan Altima coupe/sedan; and the compact Nissan Sentra. The Nissan Pathfinder made its debut at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show though Nissan calls it a concept. The Nissan Altima, on the other hand, is production ready, and debuted at the New York Auto Show a few months later. The Versa is the latest of the "fab five" to roll out into the public spotlight. You have to look overseas -- and another vehicle -- to see it.
This vehicle is called the Nissan Note. A subcompact, the Note will go on sale at home in Japan later this year, then arrive at European dealerships in 2013. Nissan states the Note points to the design changes for the U.S. version of the Versa, which was hinted as far back as 2010. Nissan may be pulling a fast one, though. The Versa is also sold in overseas markets as the Nissan Tiida, and the automaker debut its latest Tiida at the Shanghai Motor Show back in April. As you can see from the images of both hatchbacks, there are some marked difference in style, especially the rear. So which version will finally go on sale in the U.S.? Nissan won't provide more details until the U.S. Versa approaches its launch date later this year. Our colleagues over at Motor Trend posted a poll on what engine its viewers would like to see powering the upcoming Versa. Which body style do you want encasing the future Versa? As always, let us know in the comments below. Source: Nissan, Automobile Magazine, Motor Trend