Nissan Offers Child Safety Seat 101

By | October 05, 2012
For parents, nothing can be more important than making sure their little ones stays safe and healthy. Unfortunately, many parents make common mistakes when transporting their children around in the family hauler. To help clarify proper ways to install and secure your kids, Nissan is opening its doors in Middle Tennessee, and offering a seminar for parents. "Child safety seat systems save lives and should provide peace of mind and not be a source of frustration," Bob Yakushi, Nissan's director of product safety said. As most of you don't actually live in Middle Tennessee, the automaker has made useful infographics that both show common mistakes, and offer tips on how to properly install and secure a child's seat. Improper use of the harness, harness slot and strap were the most common errors. You can check out the graphics for more information and for tips on how to properly install a child safety seat. Source: Nissan
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