Nissan Offers Software Upgrades for Leaf to Improve Usability

By Jacob Brown | February 15, 2012
Automaker Nissan is planning to upgrade the software used in its all-electric 2011 and 2012 Leaf in order to better improve its diagnostic readouts, convenience, and performance. In a voluntary technical service bulletin released by the automaker, Nissan said the update is designed to improve the Leaf's ability to gauge its driving range, as well as improve upon the accuracy of time needed to charge the vehicle. Additionally, Nissan is introducing a new safety feature that will alert the driver that a door is open when the vehicle is not in park. Further, less significant improvements include better connectivity to Nissan's CarWINGS interactive car-to-consumer telematics software and website; better operation of the Leaf's heat, air conditioning, and ventilation; and improvement of information displays. Over the next few weeks, Nissan will be contacting 11,000-plus Nissan Leaf drivers in the U.S. to see if they are interested in having their car's software upgraded free of charge. Upon receiving the go-ahead, Nissan will be able to upgrade the Leaf's software either at a local dealership or at an off-site location like a home or business "provided there is a suitable and safe work area." Source: Consumer Reports
Presto Reviews
Presto Reviews

There is no doubt the Nissan Leaf is getting more and more of an edge on electronic vehicles. As a pioneer in electronic vehicles, they keep coming out with more and more features and updates that will keep electronic car seekers wanting to know more, and current car buyers coming back.