Nissan OKs Limited Production Super Juke?

By Jason Davis | September 26, 2011
What's better than a 188-hp turbocharged Nissan Juke? This 520-hp Super Juke, for one. It's got all-wheel drive and the same twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-6 engine found in Nissan's flagship GT-R. That car ran a motorcycle-quick 11.2 seconds quarter-mile in our sister publication's "World's Greatest Drag Race." If you think that's fast, consider that the regular Juke weighs almost 600 pounds less than the GT-R, and the Super Juke, with a stripped out interior maximizing weight loss, could be a barely-legal, racetrack monster.
"I can confirm that Europe is indeed working on a concept project known as 'Super Juke,' said Gabi Whitfield, Nissan Europe, to Motor Trend. "No more information to give at the moment...expect more details next week." Could this be Nissan's attempt to upstage Toyota's FT-86? Will the Super Juke be what the Subaru STi and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution used to be, but better? And, do you want one as much as I do? Source: Nissan Europe, Auto Express

the juke is sort of a waste. there is no real point to it. its to small to be an suv but its to high to be a car but it carries the benifits of niether