Nissan Sentra under Scrutiny for Redesign

By Automotive Staff | November 27, 2007
Is it common for an auto manufacturer to admit that there is something wrong with the sales of one of its previous top notch models and, even better, that it plans to fix it?Whether common or not, that’s exactly what Nissan is doing. The model about which it is concerned about is the Nissan Sentra whose sales were down 10.9 percent to 91,463 units as of October 2007. Mark McNabb, new sales chief for Nissan North America, has said that in the search to find out what’s wrong with the Sentra, he will be investigating whether dealers are engaged with selling the model. This is a concern because the company has recently expanded its stable of models to include the Rogue crossover and is getting ready to release the GT-R sports car. He will also examine the marketing efforts being done by Nissan on Sentra’s behalf. Dealers are complaining that it is the marketing that has slowed sales. Our take? Whatever the reason, it seems Mark McNabb is on the case. via Ward's Auto