Nissan Takes the Pressure Out of TPM

By Matthew Askari | May 30, 2012
A great number of drivers on the road are driving on under- or over-inflated tires, but some clever new technology from Nissan could take the hassle out of monitoring your tires. After complaints of difficulty reading pressure gauges, or drivers just avoiding the process altogether, Nissan developed an easy to use system that will require little effort, and will come standard on all new Nissan Altimas. As one Nissan customer, Evan Galin, said "I don't feel I know what I'm doing unless I have something telling me it's right, so this is good." Nissan's new system has digital readouts indicating the pressure level of each tire. If a tire is low and you're filling air into your tires, your car's four-way lights will flash to let you know the tire is filling up. Once the tire is at the optimal pressure, your horn will honk. If you put too much air in, it will notify you and will again honk once the correct level is reached. "It's one of those simple slap your forehead moments, as to why someone has not thought of it before," said Vishnu Jayamohan of Nissan's product planning and advanced strategy departments. Under-inflated tires can affect stopping distances, and fuel economy. Over-inflated tires are susceptible to tire failure, and can explode, leaving you in a precarious position on the road or freeway. Nissan's technology will likely catch the attention of other automakers and could become standard on future models. Source: Nissan