Nissan Teases The Pathfinder Ahead Of The Detroit Auto Show

By Blake Z. Rong | January 03, 2012
For the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Nissan is jumping on the teasing bandwagon with a moodily-lit image of the Pathfinder concept, which it says will take “traditional SUV hallmarks and wraps them in a new platform and dramatic new aerodynamic design.” For the legions of Pathfinder fans who still see the Pathy as a rough-and-tumble workaday truck, this could be bad news. A glorified crossover like the Murano? Not another one! But these fans are few and far between—sales of the Pathfinder have been pretty slow since its current generation was introduced in 2005, lagging behind much of its mid-sized competition. To adapt and stay competitive, the Pathfinder’s going to have to solidify its on-road credentials, and to do so, it's becoming a more consumer-friendly seven-seater crossover, much like its Infiniti JX sibling and its competition. From the teaser videos Nissan released, the cleaner styling of the Pathfinder mimics the Murano’s high cheeks and slanted headlights. In back, clear taillights flank a bulging center hatch, which gives it much required faux-toughness. The flowing sides ape the lines of the JX, in a sibling-rivalry sort of way. And once Nissan turns on the lights at Detroit, we’ll be able to tell you what it really looks like, and whether it’s enough to capture the hearts of the crossover audience.
Nissan Pathfinder Concept

Source: Nissan