Nissan's NYC Taxi Cabs Violate Disabilities Act?

By Jason Davis | October 14, 2011
In July, we wrote about New York City's taxi cabs of yesterday, today, and tomorrow, a confusing menagerie of different brands and models vying for yellowcab supremacy. But according to the Wall Street Journal, the US Attorney's Office in Manhattan says that Nissan's Taxi of Tomorrow is in violation of the American Disabilities Act. New York's Taxi and Limousine Commission bought Nissan's non-wheelchair accessible NV200 van for city use, and currently, only 232 of New York's 13,000+ taxi's are wheelchair accessible. That's unacceptable, say many disability rights groups that support the lawsuit.
The TLC's David Lasky, meanwhile, says that the lawsuit is "misguided," and that TLC's dispatch system will be able to accommodate all disability requests within six months. Source: The Wall Street Journal