No Joke: Lamborghini is Going to Build an SUV

By Jason Davis | February 23, 2012
Good news for the filthy rich in China, Russia, and Dubai: Lamborghini will soon be joining Bentley and Maserati in building a tall, multi-passenger people mover and will introduce the Sport Utility Vehicle concept at this year's Beijing Auto Show! Hey, it worked for Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz and BMW and Audi are making a killing, so why not? You may recall (or not) that Lamborghini had dabbled in the SUV field before. In the late 1970's, the Italian bull built an off-road vehicle it intended to sell to the United States Military. After a few rear-engined iterations failed, Lamborghini stuffed a giant Countach V-12 under the front hood and called it a day. Apparently, the military concept didn't catch on, though Lamborghini did produce a capable civilian vehicle (shown) known as the LM002, but known to most Americans as "Rambo Lambo," and for the demo that was once owned by Uday Hussein, which was famously blown up by an Explosive Ordinance Disposal team in Iraq in 2004. The newest concept, however, will not be a formidable off road vehicle, but probably an ostentatious "bling box" for the growing elites in China and Russia. "Luxury cars are at the top of the consumption desires of rich Chinese," said Giuliano Noci, vice director for the China campus of Milan Polytechnic, who notes that "the luxury-car makers can dare something new" for wealthy Chinese consumers, who aren't as familiar with European automakers. And because Lamborghini can benefit from development by Bentley and Volkswagen, similar to how Maserati's relationship to Fiat and Chrysler has worked, Lamborghini will be able to save costs while commanding high prices for a region that is willing to pay a premium. There are currently no leaked or official drawings or pictures, but the concept will be unveiled in April.'s take: We'll just file this report under the completely unrealistic but awesome to look at file that only the 1-percenters and most diehard fanatics and enthusiasts will ever care to debate (Lamborghini?! An SUV! Blasphemy! Nah, man, it worked for Porsche--it could be a great business move. Blasphemy!). Source: Automotive News Europe
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