No, Seriously: Ugandan Students Build an EV

By Jason Davis | November 04, 2011
From the "we totally didn't see this coming" files of the day, comes a lime green, two-seater EV built in Uganda.  Known as the Kiira EV, the plug-in one-off concept has a 48-mile range, a top speed of 93 mph, and be fully charged in as little as one hour. More impressive is that, aside from the steering wheel and some accessories, the car was designed and built entirely in-house by engineering students from Makerere University. It remains unseen, however, whether it will enter production. Professor Stevens Tickodri says that if the Kiira EV becomes commercialized, he imagines the eco-friendly EV would sell for $10,000-15,000. In the least, the Kiira EV is an intellectual showing of force.
"When we started the project, we wanted to demonstrate that Uganda has as good talent as that in the U.S. or Germany," said Paul Isaac Musasizi to Uganda's Daily Monitor. "Now that this is over, we expect and want it to be taken up." Musasizi, who oversaw the project, says the Kiira EV, which completed its first test run this week, took three years to develop, and that the team is currently developing a 28-seat EV for public transportation.