No Tricks Just Treats: Top 6 Cars in Costume

By Matthew Askari | October 31, 2012
While you scroll through Instagram pics of your friends or their kids dressed up for our most playful holiday—Halloween—we at would like to remind you that cars can dress up too. They may not be sporting a Bieber-wig, but as we've found out, they can have shaggy "fur." They can even ape real humans, in some cases wearing similar costumes. We've got one caped-crusader in particular that is very present on our list. And while there are an infinite number of decked-out, tricked-out rides, we wanted to choose cars you'll likely know. The picks on our list are pulled right from the screen—film and television—some cult classics, and others major blockbusters. What did we choose? Are there ones we missed? You'll have to check out our Top Six Cars in Costume list to find out.