Not Really, But Really: Nissan Treana Explodes in China

By Jason Davis | January 27, 2012
Paul Veroude is a Dutch artist who sculpts explosions. Not the kind that go boom. That would be bad. Instead, Veroude fabricates displays of intricately assembled things, like cars, deconstructing them piece by piece until the product, whether disassembled neatly on the floor, or majestically hanging from a ceiling, resembles an orderly, split-second burst from an imagined release of energy. No boom, and that is good. Especially for the Nissan Treana, the Japanese automaker's best-selling car in China last year, the same one hanging from a ceiling in this video. Dongfeng Nissan, in China, commissioned Veroude for this piece, to commemorate its grand opening (presumably because Ai Weiwei was busy?). “We wanted to express Dongfeng Nissan’s pursuit of innovation, our thoughts towards breaking conventions,” said Ren Yong, vice president Dongfeng Nissan. “We wanted to find a way to express and make an impact, so others can get a feel for Dongfeng Nissan’s strength.”

Source: Nissan