NYC Comptroller Says He'll Block Nissan "Taxi of Tomorrow"

By Matthew Askari | May 07, 2012
Nissan's plan to provide New York City's "Taxi of Tomorrow" could hit a bump in the road, according to a recent report. City Comptroller John Liu says he won't approve the city's contract with Nissan because the vehicle isn't wheelchair accessible. Liu believes the contract violates the Americans with Disabilities Act, in its current form. A spokeswoman for the City Law Department, Kate O'Brien, said "the law limits the issues upon which the Comptroller may refuse to register a contract. None of the matters raised, including the ADA compliance, would constitute lawful grounds for refusing to do so." Nissan designed a taxi for the city once it was given a nod from city officials. The Nissan NV 200 has transparent roofs allowing passengers to enjoy the famous New York skyline, in addition to USB chargers and extra legroom. Allan Fromberg, a spokesman for the Taxi and Limousine Commission, calls Liu's objection ill-informed, and indicated that Nissan was creating a wheelchair-accessible version of the NV 200 Taxi of Tomorrow. Fromberg noted a plan for the city to issue an additional 2,000 wheelchair accessible medallion licenses, in addition to a responsive wheelchair accessible taxi dispatch system.
A spokesman for Nissan replied to's query regarding the issue, saying "Nissan understands and respects the concerns presented by disability advocates. The NV 200 Taxi is being designed so that it can be modified for wheelchair users." The statement added that the Nissan NV 200 Taxi would "include sliding doors, low step-in height, grab bars, and an entry step, which will provide an unprecedented level of access to people with mobility limitations." Source: Transportation Nation